Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Bike Day

It's been a while I wrote. I guess I need to revive the art of reflection. Even if it is for a personal use.


I am part of this recreational athletes group that discusses all things under the sky that are related to running, cycling, or swimming. The other day someone got a new bike from a brand that is known to produce good quality goods at an affordable price. This brand is not considered as "elite" or "super good" by many cyclists or runners, so a few of the comments that this person received weren't motivating. Some of us did try to cheer up, but that somehow led me to a tangential line of thought. I wanted to type it in the group itself, but it's not like all of them are my bum chums. So here it goes:

I don't know about you, but for me, bicycles are a type of time machines (alcohol being a major one). It somehow rings the bell of the innocent times from the school days of yore and plays the subtle notes of nostalgia. I remember fighting with my dad to fix gears to my BSA SLR Photon (the one with the alloy wheels!). I eventually got them after persisting to the cause, but then I grew old and dad sold the bike. Then just over a year back I got a new bicycle, albeit for different reasons. I did not go for the costliest bike I could buy, but my budget did double up eventually! I have had a good time riding this bike (Cannondale Quick 6), and I hope I continue to do so!