Thursday, August 6, 2015


I failed to reach my goal.

I had put in considerable practice that included both physical and mental conditioning to reach a goal of sub 2:20 hr timing for a half marathon.

I couldn't reach it. In fact I overshot it by 10 minutes 43 seconds.

Those 10 minutes 43 seconds meant that I cannot use this timing as a qualification for #SCMM2016.

Till the 10-11K mark, I was on target. After that, my mind started giving up. It started taking control and convincing me that an additional minute won't matter 2:25 is still OK, within the qualification criteria. I started walking more after 15K. 2:28 is still OK. Somehow I just gave up. One runner came along and tried to motivate me. I tried, but I couldn't gather myself. Towards the end, I sprinted, but still reached a bit late. By 43 seconds.

I ran 21.1K in 2:30:43. (Chip time was different than what my GPS watch collected.) I couldn't even shave off those 43 seconds.

What if it was my personal best in a half marathon? Does it matter?

How do I strengthen and condition my mind further?

The search continues...