Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Torna 2014

I have written a post on the experiences we had during our previous Torna Trek that was done after the onset of monsoon. This time around the monsoon got delayed a bit. Though we enjoyed the scenery, we missed walking in the clouds towards the top of the mountain and the lush blanket of greenery all around us. We had sensed the grandness of Torna by the slight outlines that stood out amongst the dense fog, but this time around we actually saw the grandness of the mountain and the immense fortification of the fort.

Just like last year, we completed the trek and then went to Mirch Masala for some scrumptious lunch.

Some pictures from this year's visit to Torna:
A familiar sight. Sometimes these dogs will accompany you throughout the trek. We rewarded them with some egg yolks.
Some cloud cover hovering around the top of the mountain
The view of the grand Torna. (Click to see the larger version)
The railings towards the top
The trekking route as seen from the top
Fortifications that have withstood centuries of human history and forces of nature
Torna trek route from Velhe

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