Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The turn of events this morning have not at all been pleasing. Sadness to anger to shock. All in the span of a few hours and about 25 Kms.

Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, a leader who fought against supersition and ill-beliefs that made the society regressive, was shot at right in the heart of Pune. There are witnesses who have given the details of the motorcycle-riding assailants. Surely, the police would be tracing them out. The extreme shock will be lingering for a few days. People who are aware of the area where the crime took place will be scared and worried about their safety. Politicians will speak out and try to win brownie points by making this a political issue. (People like this writer would be wording their thoughts.)

Then, after a few days, Business as Usual. Apathy.

The people who Dr. Dabholkar was fighting for will remain just as clueless, illusionary, and under control. By the powers that want them to be downtrodden. By the office bearers who look at masses not as people, but as votes. The political class has to keep their vote banks under control, not let them progress, thus keeping them far away from rational thought. Far away from making them think beyond their basic needs. Making them dependent on the favours of local politicians and scaring them using the local goons.

On the way to work I saw a painting on the wall where it was written "Vishwaratna Dr. Ambedkar". Vishwaratna roughly translates to An International Jewel meaning a personality of that stature. Something that transcends, at least on the word-level and phonetically, the highest civilian award given in India - Bharat Ratna, the Jewel of India. Trapping people in illusions. Making them believe that the man who actually wanted people to educate themselves and rise above their social prejudices by educated thoughts and rationalism, is just a symbol for fighting class repression. In this modern age. Where the world is moving towards an era where such boundaries are more or less non-existent. Do I need to stress on the irony on calling Dr. Ambedkar as "Vishwaratna" in this case?

Your life is decided by people who have nothing to do with you apart from indirectly enslaving you and indirectly making you vote for them.

While the Police is busy handling Chief Ministers and Deputy Chief Ministers, Ex Presidents of India like they are the Royal Babies of England, actual people are suffering to a degree that will never be known.

India needs a revolution. But looking at how it is smartly divided but the ruling people by brain washing the interests of the people, there is not one single thing that we all can stand up for. Patriotism is defined differently for different people. Unity in Diversity is just a understanding more than a larger-than-life concept. Religion is a whip to control you. Anything else is just an opportunity to make money.

What do we look forward to? What about the coming generations?

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