Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Or it's just a fountain pen

A Fountain Pen represents nostalgia. Somehow subtly connects you to that part of life that was associate with growing up, innocence, and contentment. Dare say I call it freedom?

Induces similar feelings in people who will see you writing with it.

Requires care and regular looking after.

Brings out the best in you. In terms of handwriting and ideas.

Might make you write more. Put your wonderful thoughts. Thoughts that are just yours. On paper. Or any suitable material. To be read by someone else or you, now or after a while. Eliciting a connection to the past. Cherish memories.

Can incubate a habit. To care more, to write more.

Can be passed along. Gifted.

Or it's just a fountain pen.


G said...

Nice one :)

(From one fountain pen user to another).

k said...

Thanks. :)