Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thermodynamics of Love

As with Energy, I believe that Love cannot be created or destroyed but transformed from one form to another. This form is not necessarily a person or "one person today, another tomorrow". It goes beyond that. Various types of forms could be adolescence, attraction (physical and mental), dependency, genetic bond, mutual likes and dislikes, and in extreme cases like the Stockholm syndrome, capture-bonding. There could be many more forms here. To each his own.

The reason why I wrote this post stems from varied thoughts I keep having on and off. A few of them include the “stability holds a marriage together more than love” idea from Love in the Time of Cholera, the usual debates about “can love be really selfless? Does selfless love exist?” and the very recent watching of Gatsby, specially the part where they meet after 5 long years and the awkwardness that pervades before the dam breaks.

Love does transform into a lot of feelings eventually - companionship, respect, adulation, habit, friendship, physical bonding, wavelength congruency, adaptability, understanding, and many more. Probably the same feelings that combine in some way or other to create love are eventually isolated. Is that how love evolves?

What probably matters then is how we handle it. Do we acknowledge that love has transformed? Just like the Horcruxes, love is distributed in parts that make up the whole. (What a terrible analogy though!) Or is the loss lamented?

“It is not like it was before.” “Things have changed.”

So have times, so has the world around. The immediate world and the extended world.

Love evolves to survive. Eventually when some of the life-tasks are check marked, there would be moments when the parts come together again to become a whole. And when it does, probably the sum would be greater than the parts.

Till then, is it wise to sustain love’s various forms? Wait till the string of hope ties it’s several forms together again? The glue of faith to bind it together? The togetherness over a timeline cement this form?

Or are these just words and ideas?
"Does love really exist?"
"The answer is circumstantial."

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Me said...

Kd what I have realized over time about the facets of love is that if one waits to find the whole later..life would be led in an incomplete fashion, aware of the day to come when U fill love is urs in its entirety..

The point is to best live those parts in its myriads forms that U identified, individually.. in that moment,,under the circumstance,..U are living a complete love..even if it a part of the whole..just think of it as the whole in itself..Feel the fullness and magnanimity of love..let it overwhelm U like the very first time..
and then U will realize that U are living ur love as a whole the whole time..