Monday, September 17, 2012

30 Years

Or a little more.

The time it took for Mom to get promoted.

The fact suddenly hit me. We, our generation that is, are so used to hopping around to get better, fat packages, and higher bands, that we have lost the ability to realise the intensity, hardships, and at times joy of working in the same place for 3 to 4 decades.

Wow! That's just commendable.

There is also the case of P's mom. Who got promoted and was transferred to a place called Chandrapur. At an age of 50. A challenging place, demanding position, and a lot of distance from relatives and kids. Only if we had an ounce of our parent's energy. We took it all for granted, and for slow learners like me, took a long time to realise it.

I remember in school days when people used to ask me what my mom does, as we Indians are probingly wont to, I used to shyly tell them "Staff Nurse", fearing that people might judge me, again as some of us are wont to! I remember how Dad had told me that Bill Clinton's mother was a Nurse too. I am sure he wanted to motivate me to get better grades, but that somehow helped get over the insecurity. All it took was probably that example and maybe a little bit of growing up.

Now she is a Sister in the same local Government hospital.

All it took was 30 years.


Saee said...

Touching post.
I guess we all rediscover our parents' strengths with our own journey.
It is important to be aware of what we learn. :)

k said...

Thanks for dropping by, Saee.
I completely agree with you. The awareness helps us to be better.