Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cupcake Story

Adam and Eve were happy in their den in Eden. Eating apples, playing snakes and ladders, and busy watching the angels do Shimmy, they never realised how fast the seasons changed and how time started overtaking itself. They thought they were so busy that forced the the instant messenger people to remove the status 'available' from the list. Needless to say, they did not register the appearance of a man in their neighbourhood.

His name was Odd. Odd was not odd, as his name suggested.He was rather normal.He was on a hunt for a girl named Even. One day when he was sitting in a bar, his friend Biro told him about this place called Eden that has Eve. Eve in Eden did sound odd to Odd and Odd decided to move to Eden and check with Eve if she knows Even. Odd, was resolute. He had to find Even. Specially since his enemy, Dice, had mockingly said, "Odd, you will never get Even." He had to get Even to get even.

Odd found Eden rather odd. He was so used to Prime - his hometown, Square Root - his dog and Nigella - his cook, that he found Eden very boring. He went to the local bar and ordered an apple cider. Convex, the bartender started conversing with Odd.

"Very Odd"
"Adam and Eve are splitting up!"
"Pass me another cider please."
"You are odd!"
"Yes, that's me."
"Very odd!"

Odd actually didn't take the news very well. If Adam and Eve split up, Eve will not have time to entertain him, thought Odd. Scared, he warily approached Eve.

"Who are you?"
"I am Odd."
"You certainly seem to be!"
"Do you know Even?"
"That's odd!"
"Just like you!"
"Go away, I need peace"

A dejected Odd, started walking away. He went to the bar again. After ordering his drink, he noticed that a beautiful girl was sitting alone by herself in one corner of the bar. She had lovely wavy brown hair, radiant olive skin with a golden sheen, soft lips shaped like rose petals, and the most mysteriously misty eyes that Odd had seen.

Odd approached her.
"Hello, I am Odd."
"Hi, I am Even."
Odd stood dumbfound. He had never imagined Even to be so beautiful.
"Hey Even, what made you come to Eden?"
"I want to start a cupcake business and Eden is a place where I can break even."
"I can help you. I am a baker."

They fell in love, got married started living happily ever after.

After some years, Odd met Dice and told him, "Odd Numbers got Even!"
Dice stared rather oddly.
"So Numbers is your last name?"
"Yes," said Odd.

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