Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Just this morning I heard a strange, albeit very normal, story. Some corporator in Pune was elected as the chairman of the standing committee and he organized a celebration rally. Needless to say that the rally was organized on a busy street at a time when the traffic is usually at it's peak. How thoughtful!

So this chap was in an open jeep, along with some ladies from the household, and had a pretty huge entourage around him. The usual gundas who support whoever is in the power seat, the tag-alongs who, well, just tag along and all the drama people. This corporator chap was waving to people. The people who were caught in a traffic jam, the people who were in a rush to go home, cook for their families, and who  generally had a very vauge idea about this celebration. Reminds me of the Penguins from Madagascar. Just Smile and Wave boys, Just Smile and Wave! (Yeah, I cringed too. How can I use this analogy on a waste of a politician? No, I won't. But, you get the picture, right?)

Reminds me of another story. Seems a few days back, a rasta-roko rally was organized to protest against increasing traffic woes. Should I, possibly again, tell you the prime setting of this rally? No, right? But, I am sure the thought was to make people aware when it would hurt them the most. People got hurt alright; headaches, BP might have increased. Result of the rally? Some politician or just a wannabe chap met his March targets and got his appraisal done.

Political drama at it's best. Our money wasted by someone else and we just stand and suffer. Our money spent on making us suffer. How long will this go? Someday, the restless, angry people are going to rebel. Violently rebel.

Then Mr Corporators and local gunda politicians, what are your 100 gundas going to do against a mass of thousands of angry people?

Here, I would like to borrow an idea from Girish's blog and add a song for the moment:
Not to touch the Earth by The Doors. More so:
Not to touch the earth
Not to see the sun
Nothing left to do, but
Run, run, run
Let's run
Let's run

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Bhushan Panse said...

i agree with your observation.. but.. i don't think any one is so restless to be a rebel.. this is an another version of what people did with "men batti morcha" in support of that Anna's version of Lokpal. one should have a cause to creat some drama!!!!!