Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just a phone call

Chap calls me. Mentions about lyrics he wrote for this girl at work. Says he misses talking about stuff like this with me. Asks me why I don't write anything like that anymore. Where is all the mischief hidden?

I explain. About moving to the new house, how weekdays and weekends are different in that weekends are when drinking happens. Work wise, all days are same. So far at least. How I am chasing all that I need to chase in life.

Chap says, "You have become a man now."

Oh no kiddo! You are a much greater man at your young age than I am right now. You have no clue how much your strength inspires. The way you smile and innocently put forth the heaviest sentiments in simple words. The way you sum up life and growing up while comparing it with how you haggle with the vegetable vendor. How easy you make your responsibilities sound, making me shy away from using that semi-cynical, pseudo-philosophical tone that I usually tend to use while talking about how life is changing. Makes me introspect.

Here is a wish for you chap. Always stay positive, my smiling brother. Keep inspiring us. Wish there were more people like you in this world.

PS: I do remember that girl-from-finance-who-sits-in-the-corner! Not for her, but for the way we got to know each other because of her!

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