Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Control everything

I was watching the amazing George Carlin in this video called George Carlin on the Environment. What a man! Can you disagree with him? He speaks the truth, doesn't he?

I have seen Environmentalists who are trying to save the world but their own lifestyles are really posh and speaks otherwise. Excessive indulgence in cars, commodities, clothes, etc. Thorough confusion between needs and wants. Times when luxury has been amalgamated into these needs.

Anyway. Keeping these hackneyed lines apart, George Carlin made me realize one point. One very strong point.

Control. How humans want to control everything.

On the one hand humans want to fight the law against euthanasia, while on the other they want to save endangered species. Is it just me who sees the irony in that? It's deeper when you think about it. Further if you hear Mr Carlin speak.

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