Friday, September 16, 2011

Of Happiness

We keep waiting. For Happiness. Waiting and Waiting. Reading books and realizing that those are not the voices that you want to hear. Searching for it around in the trees with leaves that are in various colours of green. Trying to understand the wind and its whispers. Going beyond the feeling that life itself could be a placebo-offering.


Looking at the sky and trying to figure out the myriad shapes that the clouds offer. The shades that dance around the tendrils of the clouds in response to the music played by the sun. On seeing the pigeon and imagining it eat the clouds for you. Realizing that setting up an order in the chaos is simple, following it is difficult.

Trying to paint sense on words that don’t make sense at all.


Being afraid of the purple door. The purple part being the scary part. Smiling at your folly. Mistaking a smile for happiness.

Paramananda. Ultimate pursuit.

Anand. Minor target.

Happiness, realizing that Anand is made up of an indefinite article and a coordinating conjunction.


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Preeta said...

I knew the last line (on coordinating conjuctions) had a much deeper thought than what it seemed like at first! Keep writing for these simple words that you put together make so much sense!