Monday, August 22, 2011


Oh God. Another resolve is getting perturbed.

This time, it is the resolve of posting at least one post per month this year. The other one that I have already broken is of abstaining from buying books till the end of this year. Can't help but break the book related declaration, since I am reading the 4th book from A Song of Ice and Fire (ASoIaF) and have to buy the latest one from the series.

This series is also keeping me occupied for most of the time. The crazy theories that I tend to make on how the ever-twisting plot might move ahead, some of the ideas that echo from reddit and other review sites, day-in-day-out trudging around with books that are at least 1000-paged, oh and the second half of Storm of Swords. The series seeps in so much that I, like many others, am already searching for saviors that will fill up the gap and stop me from entering a big ASoIaF withdrawal.

As a result, flipkart wishlist is growing and growing and growing.


Meanwhile, I read a couple of interesting posts that I would like to share. This fiction-with-a-disclaimer piece called Bottle It Up and another brilliant one from the Grey-cell-gardens of the Ordinary man - The Anna Hazare situation (The latter is closest in-context-piece for the title).


Also. India-England test series. Sigh.