Thursday, May 5, 2011

Music never gets old

The other day M and I were talking about the great era of 1965-75 and the music that was brought in the world during that time. We spoke about bands like Steppenwolf, The Who, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and mentioned others like Neil Young, Beatles, Doors… Oh well I can go on and on!

Point is that during the discussion, there was a realization that even after 40+ years these are the bands we go to get submerged in music. Everyone follows the usual track of pop to rock to metal. Some stay with a specific genre. Some travel back and forth. But most of us, go back to that era we call the Rock and Roll era or the Classic rock era. The time when bands explored different genre of music, added mystic and substance to music and tried to understand and write about humans, human emotions, human atrocities and well drugs that helped to colour these pictures even further.

The irony is, there is surely a big generation gap between that era and today. Look at our parents. We always complain about the generation gap and difference in the thought process.

With music, well, you know. We all know. It is imbibed in us and we still are looking to explore more. Go back in time.

Music is the true religion.


priya vadhyar said...

Completely agree with you! Music of that era transcends every generation and will continue to do so... What was true then is true today. The music talked about the human condition perfectly. We'll always go back to it to seek answers and seek ourselves.

k said...

You said it Priya. "We'll always go back to it to seek answers and seek ourselves."