Monday, May 2, 2011

Lane of Memories :: Follow you into the Dark

The happenings of the day still pounded Mandrake's brain with all the residual noise and chaos. It was a busy day and he made sure he kept days busy, just to ensure that he does not get lost in the past.

“But why should I be afraid of the past? That’s where I belong.”

Mandrake smiled in irony as he poured himself a stiff one. He really needed one today and even the glass could have realized his craving with that touch. Even the dark night that surrounded him could sense his longing.

Days like these, when Mandrake kept himself very busy, are the days that conspired against him and took him back to Mehnaz.

He gulped half of his second glass of whiskey and eased himself on the sofa. His flight was ready to take him to scenes of the past, to his villa that oversaw his beautiful memories. He was fighting with time and it was all messed up. Yesterday, yesterday’s yesterday and today.

His time portal was opening up to take him along. He gulped down his sixth glass and submitted himself to the clearing noise and space. The clearing then gave away to a moment, from the thousand others.

“I am sorry to call you so late baby, but just wanted to tell you that I am glad you came back for me.”

“I had to, Rake sweety.”

“You know Naz, I won’t love anyone as I love you. It just wouldn’t be possible.”

“Rake, don’t say won’t. I won’t say won’t. Won’t has a tendency of proving us wrong.”

Silence. Mandrake was just overwhelmed by his feelings for Mehnaz.

“But Naz baby, I am really glad you came,” was all that Mandrake could mutter.

“Rake, don’t say that again. That just makes it so formal. Didn’t you say once, Own me a little baby.”

Mandrake just smiled to himself. Wondering why he isn’t whispering in her ear and not the phone.

“Ok I won’t, don’t want to drag you too much in my quicksand.”

“Rake baby, I love you Ok, I always will. I'm always there beside you and I'll come running whenever you need me like today. But please don’t push me away.”

“No Naz, I just can’t push you away. You are my lifeline.”

“And I won’t let you push me away baby, I never will.”

Then Mehnaz starts softly singing on the phone,

…Love of mine some day you will die,
But I'll be close behind,
I'll follow you into the dark…

Mandrake slips into the darkness. His present locked in the past where he truly lives.


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The song is - I'll follow you into the dark by Death Cab for Cutie


Urmi Chanda Vaz said...

It's lovely. So real. Write more like this.

k said...

Thanks Urmi, Life is filled with stories. I hope I can pen them down.