Friday, April 1, 2011

Father of the Nation

In the near future, a man strolls in a dingy alley searching for a recent book that is banned all over the country. He finds the book stall and walks up to that friendly book seller.

“Who Gandhi waala book hai?”
“Haina Sir, kal hi naya pirated stock aaya hai. Ek copy aapke liye?”

The man smiles and waits till the book seller gets a copy.

“Iska 150 rupees hoga sir.”

The man doesn’t usually bargain. He removes two notes and hands them over. While handing them over he notices the picture on the note. Father of the nation. He smiles to himself, picks up the book and leaves.

On the way back, he thinks about the note and the picture on it. Ironic. His government bans the book that maligns the Father of the nation. Or so the people-in-charge think. The same people who get bribes, gifts in the form of notes with the Father’s picture on it.

Same note that is given to the policemen.

Same note that is flung on bar dancers in already banned dance bars.

Same note that is used to make fake currency but with the same old Father on it.

The man can’t help but smile. Ironic democracy. Yeah, that is the best way to sum up my country.


In an Outlook article, the author says, "In a country that calls itself a democracy, it is shameful to ban a book that no one has read, including the people who are doing the banning."


Me said...

Irony is exactly what it all sums up as. So happens with the movies, and otherbooks,where artists creatively express themselves..I think Banning is a form of publicity gimmick. Do U know that guy Harshad U once had a debate with, on my fb page..He was an active menber of Bajarang Dal, coupla years back and he told me later that, half the people who were involved in riots never kneew the reasons why they did it..a spark was just lit and then just were part of this fission reaction that blindly followed..Well Written Pops :)

Anonymous said...

Succinctly put!

k said...

Thanks you guys.