Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Old Computer

I have this old computer bought sometime in 2002-03. Intel Celeron 950 Mhz processor with 128 MB RAM and a 40 GB drive. What a time that was! I was hooked on games like Half Life, Max Payne and Age of Empires. For hours together I used to sit and play and play. Food and Life were almost forgotten.

Then there was a minor incident during the monsoons when a current entered the Internet hub and passed on to the LAN card. Boom. I have seen fumes coming out of my CPU. That was the time when the motherboard got busted and the 40 GB drive turned into a read-only disk! Had to go through the usual rounds to find a similar motherboard (lack of funds to buy a new latest one was due to my habit of playing games throughout the day, you know how it is!) and fix the computer. Since I was keen on buying a new disk, a swanky new 80 GB one, I wanted some more time to gather enough funds. Then I borrowed a 4 GB disk from some one (I forgot) and used it for a month or so! 4 GB! (I still have that disk!)

So money was collected, new disk was bought and fitted and then it was back to game play! But alas, time and technology had paced so much that none of the new games would work on my old faithful computer. I tried playing GTA, but then at times the entire game went in to bullet time (Max Payne terminology) on its own and everything moved rather slowly. It did try my patience. A lot at that!

Now time has come to sell this long forgotten box since the space it occupied for a long time (it sat unused for almost 3 years now) is required for something else. Maybe my already 2 year old laptop will occupy that little space. And as to how much money I will get for the old 'dabba', as everyone prefers to call it, I am sure not more than 500 Rs. (I hope I get more though!)

Technology. It has surely traveled faster than time and continues to do so.

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