Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lane of memories :: The conclusion

With an angry screech, the car halted near the construction site. A man vehemently got out of the driver’s seat and started walking towards the person who seemed to be in charge at the construction site.

“Tell your people to stop the work.”

“But we have orders from the owner of this place. This whole area and the small lane has to be flattened for a mall.”

“Thanks for the details, but I own this place now and that gives me the orders to stop the work. Here is a copy of the land deal. For details, let me put you through to my lawyer.”

After the hurried phone call, the construction in charge gives a confused glance at the papers. He then looks at the man in front of him. The eyes that don’t speak but just stare.

“Is that evidence enough?” the man says.

The in charge yells at the people to stop the work.

The man stands there, looks at everyone in the field. Eye to Eye. Passing a message that seems to say, I am the owner now. Cold hard look.

He waits for a long time while the construction people pack off their stuff and start leaving the place. Meanwhile his second in command also reaches the place and talks with the construction in charge. Clarifies whatever little persisting doubt.

“New owner. New ideas. You are wasting your time. Please tell your people to wrap up soon and leave.”


Mandrake sits in his chair looking out of the balcony. A glass of whiskey and soda sits besides him. Whiskey on the rocks was never his type of drink. Whichever whiskey it was, it was always with soda.

He takes a peaceful sip and reflects on the day. It was a conclusion to the deal that he fought for almost a month, a hard fought month.

He had to be secretive about being the main person interested in the land deal. Very secretive. Under no circumstances he could allow his name to be revealed to the old owner.

He had a lot of poignant feelings attached to that piece land.

Specially the lane that went through the land. That little lane just besides the main road. The little lane that was lined by a few trees. A few nests that housed birds who added melody to the memories.

Mandrake just couldn’t allow Mehnaz to destroy this lane of memories. Memories they shared together.

More to come

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Me said...

I walked the path as U described, m in the lane now, waiting for the memories to unravel themselves as I journey on, cruising into the lanes of his mind,living what he feels..

y the conclusion though?..felt like the beginning..