Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cactus :: A Story

"Get up don't be such a lazy bone. Even last week I had told you to accompany me for the vegetable shopping and just by chance you escaped since you were unwell. You are a grown up now and you have to accompany me today."

She woke up alarmingly from her beautiful dream of lipsticks, make-ups, boys from college and dates. After all, 16 is an age when college is a synonym for freedom along with experimentation. She was upset with her Mom, as always.

"Mom, why do you scream at me so much? It is Sunday and not just another holiday. Let me sleep a bit more. I need to get rid of these pimples soon."

"You are just 16 and have already started to behave like your Dad. Annoying, stubborn and majorly spoilt."

She had heard this before as well. Her Mom loved to use this comparison with Dad. It did work initially, but now it was overused to the extent that she became immune. She hated her Dad. He was so busy with himself and behind earning money that he didn't give time to Mother. And Mother vented her anger on her.

"Mom, I need to relax a bit. Only then I can prepare myself to go for the Math class."

"Class, no class. If you don't come for shopping with me today I will not give you money for your beauty parlour sessions."

She was in a fix. Oh, she really wanted to prepare herself for this little Orange Juice date that she was looking forward to with this cute boy from her class. She had to go. She shook all her groggy pink cobwebs and started to get ready to go with her mother for vegetable shopping.

The ride till the vegetable market was nice and comfortable. She just sat besides her mother who drove the car. She looked around for cosmetic shops and cute boys. She sighed whenever she saw either.

At the market, her Mom hassled over the price of each and every vegetable.

"Bobby, I buy vegetables from you every week. Why have you increased the price by 1 rupee today?"

She was zonked. Mom is arguing for one rupee. What will happen to all this list of cosmetics that she had prepared. She waded through the remaining shopping with this dreadful thought in her mind.

After the shopping, Mom drove her back. Mom also denied her an ice-cream.

"Your Dad is home for lunch today. Don't you know how particular he is about our family lunch on Sunday's?"

"But Mom, it will take just a minute for me to go out and pick up the ice-cream. I will eat it on our way back, in the car."


Back at home, her Mom called the watchman named Senegis and loaded him with 2 heavy bags of vegetables. Mom then gave a little bag of fruits to her.

"Carry this to our place."

"But Mom, why can't Senegis carry it?"

"Do as I say you lazy bum."

She lazily took that little bag and started climbing up. She always took the stairs. She wanted to be in shape. And fifth floor is not too high at that age. But she did miss the mirrors in the lift. On the fourth floor the bag grazed a serpent-like thorny cactus that was outside one of the doors. The plastic got stuck in the thorns and the bag was torn. The fruits were all over the floor.

"Why does this always happen to me?"

Her shout was heard from inside the door and the neighbour opened the door. A pimply boy of her age was at the door.

"Can I help you with these fruits?"

"Why are you asking me, can't you just help me?"

He smiled and helped her and saw her running away to her floor on top. He was still there. Smiling slightly.

"Oh, What a pretty girl!"

He was afraid as soon as he uttered that. He hoped his Mom wasn't nearby to hear his exclamation. Still smiling he saw that a big, red, shiny apple had hidden itself behind the thorny cactus plant.

He picked it up and was about to go and give it to the girl when he heard his Mom come to the door. He knew she was going to shout.

"Adam, how many times have I told you to stop wasting time while cleaning your room."

"But Mom, I was just helping Eve."


Chaitali... said...

aaaah...Adam, Eve, the culprit apple and the serpentine cactus!! nice nice! butttt...the vegetable guy's name is Bobby?? haha! when i was reading it..i was visualizing a scene in my Pune's bhaaji market...and suddenly comes Bobby! haha could not stop laughing at that point in the story..:D

good job!

k said...

Yeah, i had named him something else before. More Indian. But then i thought, let's make it different. So Bobby. I am sure there would be at least one Bhajiwala named Bobby, somewhere in India. :) Also the second name Senegis is an anagram of Genesis. The book that quotes the tale of Adam and Eve.