Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Understanding, are we?

How in life we expect others to understand us, while failing to understand others. Really. And not understand others from our perspective (that's judging in my opinion) but a view of what the others really are. Oh how much!

We are all just misunderstood selfish beings. Or is that an understatement?

Updates received on Buzz to this post:

SM: Understanding others basically require people you group with are of same likes, viewpoints etc. But understanding self requires much more mental depth and of course courage to think straight, right and practical. You also need to have courage to accept yourself as what you really are. Most of us have dual (multi-faceted) personalities. We never reveal our genuine nature, opinions etc. Many time opinions are situation based.

K: That is a very deep thought. And i agree that opinions are circumstantial. They change as the times / situations change. But then, i believe it changes our level of understanding too. That is why i felt that we are too judgmental at times and we falsely believe (or like to believe) that we can understand it entirely.

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