Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mash Up

So i started with Questions, while i was In Translation between Parallel Tracks and Again when i was on the Giant Wheel. I was just looking for a Vacation for Another day with Music in Mumbai. But what i got was a deal with Unity in Diversity and a First One on Ironical Environmentalism. I was wondering When will we learn when Old Thoughts when Dirt Track Racers took me on a Diabolic Agenda and made me Shuffle my Dilemma.

While i considered visiting the Pune Pattern to see the Deteriorating Sahyadris and again the Pune Pattern for the Marathi Sahitya Sammelan in San Jose, I had to Follow up on my Frustrations. Suddenly i was like Ahh Metallica is Back and Phew for some Lessons for Rikshawallahs, which by the way are Ironic.

I stumbled across Ode to the Horde and A prolific writer and then a A beautiful tale called Shantaram. But alas, Ayurvedic Medicine for Swine Flu - Wow took my attention away from Describing Love Of Beer Bearers. It took me 19 days between Mumbai and Zurich to understand the Smart Burglars and give them Guru Gyan. There i was asked to produce my Voter's ID and several Chaostion Marks were raised, which were solved in the Museum of Memories.

I then read the Vultures by Chinua Achebe along with some Music and Some words here n there. I as about the find the difference between A rose with any other name, when Life and Lyrics and Blinkers came along a Name with a Link and i was like, Might...Maybe and Not! But as they say, there is Light at the End of Paranoia for The Sheep Story and also for the Song Set 2 and Some Words.

In the night i saw the Golden Moon and read I love myself as much as a penguin loves an ipod. I also wondered about the Moon and the Box and the Grind it on a Pack of cards, Being a topper in the class. Dilemma hit again and A search story was unravelled Too Soon with Updates about Fear.

To write a story about My Acting Portfolio or On hating prejudiced people was the question i raised in the E-mail sent on the last day at work. I got answers in Instincts and feelings and Symbols and another question, And Why to Tweet! What do i say About Love, it is All in good faith.

Did you dream last night about the Diwali shopping scenes or about the Short Story - The Whore of Mensa? Ah, or you can see Some lovely verses that i read or the Unfairy Tale about Kid me not. There are of course Words for things incomplete and The More Loving One!

I have an Amulet of Samarkand. Is that Weird? I also work on A Song and a Sketch while i Wear Sunscreen. But then, Understanding, are we?

Well, might as well chase The Lizard King and look for Fantasy Books and the answer will still be 42! Do you want me to tell you about Some of the books that i have really loved or A Historic Love Story?

Are you with me?

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