Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Lizard King

Over a cup of chai with Manash, the topic of the artist, poet and mystic James Douglas Morrison was brought up. Just yesterday was his birthday anniversary. Had he been here, on the human earth, he would have been 67. The lizard king, old and probably still writing golden words.

For us though, he would always be young. That crazy guy who spoke art to the art. No one came in between. It was his words, his voice and his feelings. They reached the pinnacle that only Jim Morrison can reach. He opened The Doors for the majority.

There is a line that is credited to him (debatable), but it has the flavor that his art stood for:

'There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are The Doors of perception.'

Of the many names given to him, The Lizard King is very intriguing. Those of you who are Doors addicts know that the very line 'I am the Lizard King, I can do anything' is such mysterious source of undefined energy that every time you say/hear/read this line it envelopes you in a vibrant trance!

So where did this name originate from? From the poem written by him called 'The Celebration Of The Lizard'? Most likely! Here are a few lines from the poem:

Some outlaws live by the side of a lake
The minister's daughter's in love with the snake
Who lives in a well by the side of the road
Wake up, girl! We're almost home

Sun, sun, sun
Burn, burn, burn
Moon, moon, moon
I will get you soon…soon…soon!

I am the Lizard King
I can do anything


For seven years I dwelt in the loose palace of exile
Playing strange games with the girls of the island
Now I have come again to the land of the fair
And the strong and the wise

Brothers and sisters of the pale forest
Children of night
Who among you will run with the hunt?

Now night arrives with her purple legion
Retire now to your tents and to your dreams
Tomorrow we enter the town of my birth
I want to be ready

Beautiful words which are rendered even more amazing if you can think them as being narrated by one of the greatest voice of all time. Jim, the philosopher. There can be no one like him. There will be no one like him. May his soul rest in peace.

I had written a post about the song 'The End' sometime back. I was in a trance then. I am in trance even now.

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