Monday, December 20, 2010

A Historic Love Story

Anidin was an interesting chap. Very diverse a personality and intriguing nature. And yes he was really attracted to someone for a long time hundreds of billions of years go.

Anidin was in love with Rani Catcat.

Together, they lived in the friendly neighborhood household known as Anawdong Land. They were really close, but they shared more than just their proximity. They shared their love for the same seasons, their love for the same animals and their penchant for inertia. They were close, very close.

Then after living together for a long time, Time stole everything from them. Time is such a thief. Like every other story, the lovers estranged, they broke up. They started moving away from each other. It took a long time for them to actually move away.

Meanwhile Anidin started getting attracted to Siaa. (Yeah, even the name sounds attractive, eh?) But Rani had a lot of feelings inside her. She just couldn't let go, didn't want to let go and found it tough to survive the separation and became cold, blue and very cold. Nevertheless, she fought her personal battles herself.

Anidin on the other hand mercilessly moved away. The speed at which he got attracted to Siaa was so much that it was magical. Feelings formed mountains. Valleys of flowers bloomed. New love. Fresh love. Anidin got so attached to Siaa he didn't realise when some part of him was turning cold. He not even realise that this cold-part increased every year. Inch by Inch.

Suddenly one day, Anidin realised that the coldness was the remnants of the love he had for Rani. Rani who was now cold and blue, and it was that amazing bond of memories that was forming this new bond. A cold but time immemorial bond. A bond that no one could break.

Not even a distance of half of the earth and time of a million years.

Love. Love is strange. Love is something where reason stops.

This is the little story of Anidin, Rani Catcat from the Anawdong Land days and their breakup before Anidin met Siaa and his persistent coldness!


Manasi Dhanorkar said...

Surreal! Loved the descriptions...

ME!! said...

i sense a story at the back of it all...if it is what i think it is..i'm happy for...Things seem bright again...If not..I guess I am just too jobless n reading too much into it! :)

k said...

@Manasi - I am glad you liked it. :)
@C - There is a story behind everything. Sometimes we just draw inspiration for things around. What i wrote is a story of unrequited love fitted with a geographical push. (push sounds more geographical than twist! :P) As to reading into it, i would love to hear your perception to remark on it. And yes, some things are added just to spice it up. :)

ME!! said...

Lol...Geographical push...Sounds like something I remember...Great one though! Keep writing !!

k said...

Maybe the word 'slide' would have been more appropriate! :)

Jo said...

Hi, I just came across you while blog-surfing. I love this story and you have me intrigued as to what other gems await on this site... Decided to follow you so I can find out!

k said...

Thanks a lot for your kind words Jo. I hope you will like some other stories too.