Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fantasy books

So, after reading the Harry Potter a long time back, I came across the Bartimaeus Trilogy quite recently. I have so far just read the first book of the series as I have posted here. Suddenly, it struck me that there is a whole, exhaustive 'fantasy' genre. And it's a big ocean out there! There are tons of websites dedicated to this genre! For starters, check here, here and here. And yes, I have been researching since a month or so and I am totally lost!

Most of them allude to J.R.R. Tolkein as the great grandfather of fantasy (The very well known Lord of the Rings trilogy). And then there is Robert Jordan (The Wheel of Time series), the revered George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire series), Robin Hobb (The Farseer Trilogy) and so many others.

I have now started reading A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin from The Song of Ice and Fire series. Maybe, I will follow it up with the next one from the series or will go back to reading the next of the Bartimaeus Trilogy. I am also inclined to check either Robert Jordan or Robin Hobb (though different style of writing and story lines) to see which series I can dive deep into. (You can see the amount of confusion that I encounter!)

Overall, I am really amazed at the way these authors have created entire worlds and characters and added plots, battles, twists and mind-numbing dialogues. I am not much of a magic and magical creatures fan. I prefer kings and their kinsmen, women, politics, betrayal and their epic and grand battles.

Many people have written about these books that the best ones are not just the about the good winning over evil. It is the good that is filled with dark characters and the evil charachters being good at what they are known! There is no straight distinguishing line for sure. Intriguing and entrancing.

Ok, with that lets revel in what the print offers us!

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