Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Words for things incomplete

A whole lot of text must have been written or is written, to describe or dedicate to the love that could have been, the feelings that could have been extended, the dreams that could have been livelier.

Things are so esoteric that they make sense to the person who knows that the lines are just written for him or her. For others, it is just another romantic poem or a sad verse. Mostly, a sad verse.

There would always be the urge in people who wish to convey their feelings to the one's they miss a lot. They would always find interpretations, comparisons from the nature around. Be it monsoon, lovely alleys, coffee shops, memories of midnight, that familiar sound of laughter, songs, movies, books... Oh that is almost everything under the blue sky! It is very true though.

But the objective of this literature, if it can be called an objective as such, is a reaction from someone, somewhere... who do you want that someone to be?

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