Sunday, November 14, 2010

Unfairy Tale

So, Goldilocks was saved. She almost fell to a trap set by Little Bear from the Bears. Of course Mama Bear and Papa Bear were not really interested in Goldilocks. They had their gaming console to lure them. Little tried his best. He was a hard working fellow in his own eyes. He was Alexander when he wanted to, Napolean when he wanted, and even Tom Cruise when he felt like. His real name was Narcissist, but he thought that even that name didn't justify what greatness he felt about himself. Little was full of himself. Actually overflowing.

Going back. Goldilocks was looking for a temporary rented house. She had flunked college and her parents had thrown her out of the house. She did approach Snow White, Rapunzel and even Cindrella but all of them turned her town. They all thought that she was too naive. They all thought that her past was more colourful than theirs. Strange, since naive and adventure might not always go together. But she was Goldilocks. Rumours surrounded her like dwarfs around Snow White. Goldilocks then had showed them the hand gesture and had approached the Bears. So much for naivety.

Papa was really happy to receive her. He had a room to spare in the garage and was on a lookout some source of money to feed his gaming addiction. Mama didn't care. As long as the money kept flowing Papa's pockets and the whiskey in her glass, all she wanted was the bestselling video games. Little was apprehensive. He was growing up and that age is such that boys are afraid of every good looking girl. Oh yes. Goldilocks was very good looking. In a geeky sort of a way. Dark hair (dyed), spectacles, athletic figure and very fine lips. She kept herself that way. Little took time to digest this fact. Especially when he came to know that she wanted to purse a career in music. Every rock band that he adored, she knew by heart. She knew band-member names, songs, lyrics even the context behind the songs. Little was afraid of her. Yes afraid of her more for the fact that she had all the ways to entice him and he was just like the dust in front of the vacuum cleaner, waiting to be pulled.

Goldilocks never liked Little. She always wanted to stay away from him. Her experiences in the past had told her that boys are never to be trusted. For goodness sake! Even Little knew that he cannot trust himself!

Goldilocks and Little did not share a love-hate relationship. They were just like two thorns on a tree. Facing away from each other, sharp and always ready to prick. Yet they co-existed. Little, for all this childhood that went astray, started liking Goldilocks a little. A little would be an overstatement. Little always did things large.

Little had a friend named Johnny. Good looking chap. The way that makes girls swoon. Little confided in Johnny. Johnny laughed a little. Little laughed a lot. Boys. Who knows what goes on in their mind.

Goldilocks despised Johnny. She told Little about this. About the fact that she found Johnny too pretentious. Little felt happy. He started liking her a little more just because she despised Johnny. Boys. You never know what triggers their feelings.

Then this one day happened. Goldilocks and Little went for Johnny's birthday party. There was a lot of alcohol flowing in that party, and music. Everybody got high and started dancing. Goldilocks danced really well. She was very sensual. Her moves spread over Little's little drowsy senses, like tentacles. He wanted to take advantage of her. That night.

He approached Johnny. Johnny had already used up his pills on other neighborhood girls, except for one. That little pill that he had saved for Goldilocks. Little knew about the pills. He pushed Johnny to give the pill to him. They struck a deal. They will do turns on Goldilocks.

Plan set, they had moved swiftly. Mixed the one all important pill in a glass of vodka and orange juice. Little moved towards Goldilocks. She was lost in the acid trance that blasted from the speakers. Little offered her his glass.

"What's this orange drink?"

"Vodka. I thought you would like a break."

"Oh Little. Grow up. I always drink Whiskey. Didn't you notice till now?"

Little was little aghast. Mistakes aren't to be made like this. Little should have thought about it. Boys. Hormones just take over logic at times.

So much for naivety.


hemanth said...

Dude, this is really nice. Different from other posts I must add. Inspired from "The whore of Mensa"?

ME!! said...

Strange...Either I understand symbology or I read way too much into things...Interesting though...

k said...

@Hemanth - Thanks. I had the characters in mind since sometime back now. The story happened was inked on friday evening. Inspirations, maybe yes, maybe no.
@Chandreyee - I started the story with the Bears and Goldilocks. Every line gave way to the next one. Goldilocks does have some traits that are drawn from some people very close to me. Apart from that, rest is fiction. Except maybe that i share the same love for whiskey that Mama Bear has. :) You can always tell me the symbology as you perceived. Might add a new dimension to it.

Anonymous said...

Very well woven story.
The fact that one sentence just rolls into another increased the appeal.
If I could say one thing though, the ending could've been a bit, well, different ....

P.S I aint no great critic but just what I feel ...

k said...

@yechh - Thanks man. Appreciate your feedback.

Me said...

As I was about to comment, i had a brief, Identity crisis when I saw Me!!!'s comment on ur page..An exclamation escaped my being,makin me double take, which got me back to my senses again :P

Neway..Kd..M Aghast!!!Incest???
Lil I presume is Goldie's chota pra right???

so M I on the same page? o.O

k said...

@D - This of course is a mash up tale, but i doubt if they were related even in the original tale.