Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Diwali shopping scenes

It was a busy Laxmi road with more moving handbags on the footpath than people. Probably the handbags moved faster than people! There were people rushing from shop to shop, looking to buy gifts for family, friends and themselves. The street was brimming with the festive atmosphere with loads of hope filled on the street.

Scene one: Popcorns

A little kid about 3-4 years old was scurrying across holding his mother with one hand and a little fistful popcorns with the other. Of course, he was concentrating more on the popcorns than anything else. What would a little kid care for more than what he has at hand? Maybe he got that after some hard time parent-convincing. Maybe he was given that as a reward for behaving like a nice boy while the elders shopped and shopped. The kid was totally engrossed. A universe within another universe. It did bring a smile.

Scene two: Chana Chor Garam

A woman was standing on the little space available on the footpath with her little assortment of the Chana Chor Garam ingredients. The entire assortment attracts everyone's mind. The taste and fun that comes along eating Chana chor in a small conical paper cup. For some it is nostalgic, for some just something to eat. Some meaning from it for everyone. But it was something else for the lady who was selling it. She was engrossed with the little pinch of tobacco, secreting nicotine between lips and gums, probably helping her survive the fast moving world. She used to take orders, prepare them skillfully and pass across. When your world stops to eat the Chana Chor, her world moves to prepare it for you.

Several such scenes flashed across... Maybe another post if the memories strengthen. Maybe.

Till then, let the kid be happy with this popcorns, parents with shopping, the lady with her Diwali earnings and all in all festive wishes to you and everyone.

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