Sunday, October 24, 2010

All in good faith!

So here i visit a temple and see these big charts put up along with a Nariyal ki maala. The names on the charts read: Enjoy Group (8th maal), Tiger Group, Rapture Group, Only Friends Group (mind you!), New Generation Group (just anachronistic) and some such others.

Quite an enthusiastic bunch eh? Yeah these are the same ones who dance wildly (but in good faith!) in front of a wall of speakers that is fitted in a vehicle carrying a decorated pandal. No, they are not drunk! How can you even think of that? So what if they dance like they are inebriated, or leer at the chicks who pass by, or treat the boys along with these girls with contempt! No, it is just in good faith!

So the procession goes across moving at a pace that matches the rate at which the Harry Potter movies are released, sound which matches the inside of a very loud multiplex, and spirits which match a new years party. No, I don't mean they are drunk, they are just in good spirits faith! Then they reach the Mandir and donate the maala and move on. Probably to the nearest bar / tharra joint depending on the political support. (Come on now, they do so much hard work, don't they deserve this?)

Civic sense? What is that? They just know hic... hic... sense! All in very good faith!

PS: Check out this awesome post by one StupidusMaximus. Very good read!

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Unknown said...

"Nariyal ki maala" ? Kuthlya gawat gela hotas mandirat? Punyat he hindi kuthlya madirat ahe?