Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Instincts and feelings

Life itself is a big storehouse for stories…

People you meet along the road, the strangers who become necessities… Moments that encompass your memories…

Some can be penned, most cannot be given justice… as the gap between the feeling and the thoughts and the words is a lot. Sometimes though one small word or a small smile, or just a coincidence takes you close to that original feeling. The moment. That defining moment...

But time drags you back… :)

Sometimes we have to run 100 M dash, sometimes the long and tiring marathon… But most of the times we are running the obstacle race… and sometimes we are blindfolded to make it more tough for us… So all we have is instincts!

Instincts and feelings… these are the most humane qualities… lets cherish them!

PS: I had written this in an e-mail while talking to some friends... Brought back some memories with it.

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