Sunday, September 19, 2010

E-mail sent on the last day at work

Before you begin:

Remember the epic movie Titanic?

A scene that most of us might remember from that is the part when the boat is sinking and a group of guys decide to keep on playing the Violin because one of them leads the way. The others don’t go like, “Well I have completed my 45 hours and I can go,” or the main chap doesn’t say, “Guys complete your 9 hours like the cooks did before hitting the life boats”.
What does this tell us?

Violin players are the real committed artists! Even Sherlock Holmes used to play it!

About this task:

I hate the word LDAP. Not for the meanings attached to it, but is overuse! It should ideally mean Let’s Dance And Party! But no, with all the connotations from both the employers and the employees it has a different ring to it.

Either Leaving (before I get more) Depressed And Pathetic or Left Due (to) Angst (and) Pain, or just I am getting better roles and responsibilities (read pay)!

To each his own, I am just one of the rats in the rat race.


Since this is a mandatory field, I would just say that there comes a point in everyone’s life when they have to decide:
  1. What to do next?
  2. Where to go next?
  3. What steps to climb?
  4. What branch to hang on?
  5. Where to fly?
Well I have just started thinking about all this and need time to figure out the answers to these questions. But for now they lead me to more questions. This had started hampering my work and then I decided to be nice to my nice employer, team mates and wonderful people out here.
Why should I trouble you more with my idiosyncrasies or the verbose manifestations of my astral journeys? Let me carry my burden and take it out in the open.

So on and so forth.
For more information see Related Tasks.

What to do next:

Politics? (Some say I am too diplomatic.)
Acting? (Those who have read my blog know about my versatile acting skills.)
NGO? (Yes Yes, I want to save the world too.)
Mafia? (You can then choose to be on the safer side, if you know what I mean.)
Restaurateur? (I will give you food on discount ok, not free! Before you start asking me for free food, remember there is no free lunch/dinner.)

And the list will grow, for more information see Related Tasks.

Related tasks:

So if you wish to be a kind soul to me (I already know that you are very kind and genuine at heart. I really respect you. If ‘you’ know who ‘you’ is, you would know! But I know that asking to be kind to me could be a daunting task for you.), and keep in touch, you can always find me at:

You will find most of the facets of my personality here. Rest is hidden!

So, with a genuine warm expression of gratitude for all the support that you have extended towards me, I say Bye!

See you on the other side.


Manash said...

I saw the tags, there ain't any tag for 'sarcasm'! :P

k said...

Ha, good observation. You think i should add a 'Sarcasm' tag?