Thursday, August 12, 2010

To write a story

Will I ever be able to write a story? An entire story with interesting characters, story-line and intriguing interactions? The heart, body and soul? I doubt. Many a times the ideas trail off. Thoughts are too fuzzy and dynamic. They are moulded by too many heartfelt memories. The way I look at something is affected by the way I had thought of something else. Too much entanglement.

And some stories are not to be told. They are just there, in your thoughts, mind and memories. They are just there, to trigger a smile, to touch your heart and to make you wish that it rains to hide your tears. (That Charlie Chaplin quote is one of my favourites).

But then, I still want to pen them down. Tomorrow when I see that you have blocked your memories willingly, some of the lines I write might help you revisit them. When I am totally drained of hope, can these words relive?

Will it ever happen? Or will these words get washed in the ocean, robbed by the Pirates of Time...

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