Thursday, July 1, 2010

A search story!

Google gives us keywords when we type something in the search box. Here is what a friend shared when because he found it humorous:

I tried to write a story using the sequence of this suggested search phrases. Here it is:

He learns to tie a tie, to go to a party. There he asks his to see the movie 'how to train your dragon'. There they kiss. Then when they dating regularly, the girl feels that she needs to lose weight fast. Till then the guy starts liking another girl and then wants that to like him back. Till then the earlier girl wants to get pregnant and she gets pregnant forcefully by putting holes in the latex protection without the guys knowledge! Then delivers a baby and decides to lose 10 pounds in a week. This guy meanwhile gets fascinated by rubic cubes. He wants to download videos to learn how to solve them cubes.

Finally they get old and decide to rejuvenate their love life!


Shilpa Ramesh Maiya said...

did'nt believe what i just read on the search :D

Chaitali... said...

lol! and u need sleep :P