Friday, June 18, 2010

Being a topper in the class.

HSC board in Maharashtra didn't announce the 12th standard toppers. Some believed this to be a very good change. I thought as well too. But what about the folks who study hard just to be recognized in the society? Same for the parents who want their kids to be known in public just because they stood first in the class, in the college, in the state, and so on. Must have been hard for them right?

I remember some people from my class. The toppers that is. They used to slog and slog and fight with the teacher for a single score in the answer papers. People used to cry if they came second in class, that too by a very slim margin. Now however, these people are married, mostly housewives who keep updating their FB status about their kids and caring spouses. That is cool.

What I am worried about is, will these folks become revolutionary parents? Forget revolutionary, at least liberal? Or will it be the same old story? Learn, study, learn, come first, and enter the rat race?

Time will tell!


Manasi Dhanorkar said...

Good post :) Short, sweet and to the point

Sakshi (Shilpa Ramesh Maiya) said...

only time will give u the answer...
but if you ask me - a person who comes first in class deserves to know that he is first! Forget the society... for his/her own sake he/she needs to know it

Anonymous said...

have to give it a thought..!!!