Saturday, April 3, 2010

Song Set 2

So here is the next set of 5 songs that are amongst my favourites:

1) Seahorse by Devendra Banhart - This is one of the most awesome slow tracks i have heard. Kinda psychedelic , slow rock. Banhart's voice is really incredible. The most amazing line from this song is: 'Well I'm scared of ever being born again, If it's in this form again.' A song that really goes well with the blues! Banhart does remind me of the Great Jim Morrison at times! I keep listening to this song.

2) Roads by Portishead - They call this type of music as TripHop. I don't know about the genre, but this band and some of their songs are just heady. What with the psychedelic music, beats and Beth Gibbons voice! A very enchanting combination.

3) Have Love Will Travel by The Sonics and The Black Keys (Sonics cover) - I heard the Black Keys version before. This is one fun song. Bluesy version by the Keys of the song that talks about going to meet your fancy. Later when I checked the Sonics version it was tough for me to decide which one is better. My inclination is towards the Sonics though. :) Rocking song.

4) Orion by Metallica - Everyone knows Metallica, so i wont waste a lot of time and space talking about the great band! This is an instrumental song, beautiful song! Kirk, Cliff, James and Lars make this song so profoundly surreal, especially the orgasmic solo. Its really superb!

5) Hurt by Nine Inch Nails and Johnny Cash (NIN cover) - Again i heard the Cash cover before the NIN version. Both songs are out of the world! While Cash makes the song human, NIN's version is dark and eerie. Awesome set of lyrics. Moving and Deep. An all time favourite song while floating in the abyss.

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