Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some Words!

Well, i would like to thank 2 things for my twitter re-addiction! One being Buzz, the Google feature trying to emulate Twitter! Well really, I saw Buzz and that made me revisit Twitter. To find out whats happening over there! I Tweeted rarely before Buzz. :P Now.. Check my timeline :) Tweets60 on phone, Tweetdeck on laptop and Journotwit at work!

The Second thing is Nithyananda! Yes, here i go revisit Twitter and the next day i see #Nithyananda trending like a forest fire! And what amazing lines! Some of the folks out there on Twitter are so awesome! (For some select few lines from that day, follow this link.) There come these awesome trends that someone or the other starts and then there is a riot of Tweets. It is really funny and amazing. For real IPL fun (read bashing) do follow #ipl tag in Twitter or some of these awesome folks.

Here are some of my personal favourite Indian writers (who are awesome with fun, pun, sarcasm and humour!) on Twitter: @krishashok @rameshsrivats @mojorojo @prempanicker @OldmonkMGM @jhunjhunwala @i_r_squared @bigfatphoenix @gauravsabnis @SahilRiz @Envyas @sidin @stupidusmaximus @vencat @iyerdeepak @lavsmohan @greatbong
Note: These are some really funny Indians on Twitter!

So long. Tweet and Smile!

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