Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moon and the Box!

Sitting beside a lake in the moonlit sky,
Sitting beside a lake, i never ask me why,
why what all happened, had to happen?
Why hard to undo the pain, magic cannot be redone!
And sitting beside the lake i look at the moon,
Sitting beside the lake memories sift so soon.

Days seem so distant now, those days full of melodies,
Days they hurt so much now, these days full of parodies,
Days empty the light, Nights empty the breeze,
Time threatens the very existence of those memories!
And sitting beside the lake, the moon looks at me,
and I travel the land, that land where us were we.

And slowly I see and realise a golden box in the lake,
Immersed deep in the water, the works, twists and ache!
When sands and sun stole the feelings to store in that box,
As the game that dice did play, as guileful as a fox!
The Moon shines on that box and both reflect light,
the light that smirks at feelings, I gave up without a fight!

And the wind plays with the lake, as with us did play time,
And I just sit in the glimmer, in sands I trace this rhyme!
Choice made us walk away, choice made us grow apart,
We forgot the choice that helped us realise the heart!
And the Box and the Moon, one golden and one cream,
stare at me as I get lost, in what once I thought a dream!

And suddenly I realise that besides the lake, other side to me,
I see you look at the Moon and box, same past that even I can see!
and Hark the silence around, the silence that consumes us two,
Where i rhyme the noise from life in words, and see even you do!
So like this and lost in the box and the moon, symbols of yesterday,
Distant, Unfeeling and Ironic, Two pieces of a puzzle kept away!

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