Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I love myself as much as a penguin loves an Ipod!

K as usual is up to no good but is just up to rubbish! So you have been warned!

S: u saw Twilight or new moon?
K: Twilight
S: aah thats boring, but novel is awesome
K: i tried reading that and dropped it!
S: they did not do justice to the novel, Shut up
K: maybe after reading Lolita nothing seems as good!, not even close!
S: i read Shantaram, it took me 1 month to complete it, i found it boring
K: you know shut up shouldnt be used so profusely! that tells me that u arent ready to take criticism. to like shantaram u gotta be living and experiencing mumbai! if u found it boring your loss :)
S: yes nothing amazes me after i read fountain head
K: there i concur too :) also atlas shrugged!
S: shantaram is just a life story, ne 1 can write it
K: try doing that :)
S: but fountain head is far much, my life is not so exciting
K: of course its in a different league all together! fountainhead
S: i gifted it to my best friend, but he found it boring, ha ha, diff people, diff views, he loved shantaram
K: exactly, but i love both a lot :), shantaram as well as fountainhead, writing is not easy at all, and when u read gems like these man,its impressive. its not easy to get into anybody's psyche, those who think its easy for them to do that, havent read lolita yet!
S: nope, whats it abt?
K: google
S: tu mere liye bata nahin sakta kya, i used to share lyrics with u
K: thanks for that
S: uske paise abhi tak nahin diye tune
K: and sorry for bothering you like that, but yes
S: yes u must be sorry, h ehe
K: lolita is about this guy who likes this girl, yeah i am sorry for a lot of things :)
S: nope, my list is much longer, every1 has their own
K: everyone has their own demons yes, sometimes the demeanour can be totally deceptive
S: i dont know abt this aspect, but i love what i m, most of the times i m very stupid, ha ha, yesterday only i behaved very stupid
K: i keep reading and listening to folks who say / write that 'you should love yourself'
S: stupidity is another term for me
K: i dont, i cant and i dont even want to, i am happy being neutral about myself
S: if u cant love urself the u can never love anyone else
K: existentialism is what i like
K: if u cant love urself the u can never love anyone else - untrue!
S: u must start loving urself
K: and i can argue that
S: dont argue, just try
K: i can love someone without loving myself!, its a plain simple fact
S: no it is not possible
K: you can say its not possible for you
S: i can give u an example
K: i can give u a reverse example!
S: first let me try
K: alright, give me a concrete foolproof example
S: i never used to take care of my health, i was depressed and had lots of problems, but after i started loving myself, taking care of myself, so first start loving urself, if u cannot make urself happy, u can never make others happy
K: ok loophole number one, this applies to you so you cant generalize, loophole number two - if u cannot make urself happy, here benchmarks of 'happiness' can differ, being content is being happy, being happy for being content is not = loving urself, from what i read above, it seems more like you accepted yourself as you are, and moved on, which is really good
S: nope i started loving myself, i took care of me, i never took care of my health, now i eat proper fruits, do yoga
K: so that way every doctor loves every patient, every fruitseller loves every fruit buying customer, every yoga teacer loves their students!
S: u can argue as usual, but i know that i have started loving myself
K: what i wanna tell you, and really wanna tell you in general too, is that try not to generalise statements, if one things works for you
might not work for others, its good if you are happy with urself, as i said that is really good
S: try to simplify ur thoughts, dont make everything complex
K: its as simple as i said it above
S: i was just sharing my exp
K: which is really good
S: y do u need to complex it, i was telling u all
K: as i have said above, it is really important to accept who you are
S: is to start loving urself, and there is nothing harm in doing so, just try it, i started loving myself for what i m, i dont want to demean myself, i tried to be honest with me, i know what is good for me
K: in this case, you are trying to differentiate I and ME
S: all these happened after i started loving msyelf
K: you think you are different I ME AND MYSELF
S: again, compex, just sharing thgts yaar
K: i appreciate it, really
S: y do u have to complex it
K: i dont complicate it, i just see what strikes me, like i said before, i never came to terms with this loving oneself business
S: u must, try it, just for one day, only for today, try it
K: i drink alcohol cause that relaxes my mind, so am taking care of myself
S: dont drink alcohol
K: will that do?, haha now who decides that
S: its worst thing that u can do to urself
K: i have decided to love myself by treating myself with alcohol
S: dont laugh
K: but who decides that?
S: i m damn serious, i m deciding
K: isnt it supposed to be I loving MYSELF
S: because i m telling u to do something, thats destroying, not loving
K: so i find happiness in destroying stuff, and thats more me than anything else, so there is happiness
S: thats not happiness
K: now again, who decides that?
S: me, dont drink alcohol, its mother of all evils
K: oh i always though loving oneself was a free-from-society and free-from-what-others-think business, well what i thought was wrong
S: yes
K: so i am in love with mother of all evils, then what? i can still love something right? back to square one :)
S: loving oneself means treating ur body with best
K: who said so?
S: treating urself with best
K: Best Scotch?
S: keeping urself surrounded amongst best people
K: who am i to decide who is best?, that is degrading people!, i cannot decide who is best and who is not
S: complexity has become a part of you my friend
K: cause i know what i am worth or not worth!, well its more or less realisation!
S: nope
K: and with realisation comes a lot of things
S: just try to simplify
K: you know S, what works for you wont work for everyone else, and its high time you realise that
S: again complexity
K: yes, am 26 and soon going to be 27
S: :-)
K: thats what i have learnt, and experienced, and seen, and observed, and felt, felt is the most important!,
S: but can u try to love urself just for one day
K: i cant even think about it :)
S: or u want to shut ur mind with all ur experiences
K: u got it wrong, here i dont shut it, i rather open to all possibilities :)
S: then can u try?
K: i-loving-myself ?
S: ye, love, not destroying, love as in what u will like to do for your loved ones, for ur parents, ur frens, just try to do what u look in them, do it for urself
K: how can i do what i like to do to others to me?
S: buy a flower for urself
K: wow
S: just like u wld buy for ur wife, i might be sounding stupid
K: but i am an environmentalist and i detest buying flower for myself business, see
S: but buy a flower just for urself
K: lemme give you an example
S: ok then plant a tree, just pour water in the plant
K: that i do everyday!
S: hmm buy urself a gift, drink a glass of fresh juice, listen to ur fav songs
K: all this can be done without loving yourself
S: watch ur fav movie, ha ha
K: and dont tell me that doing all this is loving urself
S: that means u love urself, then whats it
K: exactly look what i said just before
S: if u cannot take time for urself, then ur not in love with urself
K: so if i just take time out for a girl means i love her?
S: take time just for urself
K: is love that simple?
S: yes u cannot dedicate ur time until u love someone
S: love is of diff types
K: oh yes
S: u cannot categorize love
K: yes, totally, so when i say I love to hate you, whats that
S: :-) complexities
K: no its simple, i hate you, and i love hating you, if you thinkg thats complex, and if you think love is easy, wow, You win and i lose
S: u only hate so much a person because u cannot stop thinking abt that, take a deep breath n relax
K: not really
K: i can hate someone cause i wanna hate someone, think / no think, not my idea for now
S: complex, complex
do u love me?
K: cool i see what u reply is just 'complex', i dont love me :)
S: complex
K: i cant love me
S: do u love me
K: i told you
S: do u love S?
K: i respect S, i like some antics
S: do you love S?
K: nope
S: hmm ok, simple, :-)
K: not loving someone is easy beta
S: just read the complexities u added, for this single question, the answer was simple yes or no
K: knowing why you love someone is difficult
S: compex
K: haha
S: try to avoid it
K: wish the world was a simple yes or no
S: complex
K: cool
S: avoid it,trust me
K: i dont want to!
S: trust me
K: i cant!
S: avoid complexities
K: not on this!
S: Trust me,just once
K: i cant capital-T-Trust you, i dont want to!, I am happy with complexities, i am content with complexities
S: but u dont seemed to be happy
K: i love these complexities
S: u always complaining
K: yes cause i am happy from my definition of happy not anyone elses!, i dont define me from what somebody tells me, :)
S: read this chat once more
K: that would be manipulating myself
S: b4 u write something, read this chat
K: i am not gonna write anything
K: u think your yes / no theory will move me melt me?
S: read
K: u think i was not reading?
S: read
K: cool, I love myself as much as a Penguin loves an Ipod, damn, why didnt i know this before
S: :-), complex
K: and yes, when i do share the chat i share with the world :)
S: simple
K: with permission of course :)
S: simple, dont complex it
K: are u telling me or urself, cause there is not use telling me :)
S: never say never
K: COMPLEX!, haha
S: :-), simple
K: and the circle completes


Chaitali... said...

okkkkkkk :)
who won?

k said...

Well, did you actually read all that? Or just read the first line and want to know who Won? :P Do give a wierdo answer, does it matter who wins? :P :P