Friday, March 26, 2010

The Sheep Story!

Once upon a time, there was lamb.. she wanted to be funny and a crowd pleaser... she spoke to Mary and they mutually decided to break up and cited irreconcilable differences in the local pedantic village drunk court. They got it and the lamb decided to move on.

Going ahead, she came to meet these bunch of dirty dancing, dark fluid loving gang of bangers and sheep lovers. So the lamb became a sheep. Now the question was, should that sheep just be a sheep or should she turn herself into Shahid Kapoor? So the sheep went to the gym, ran on the treadmill and worked her hair to be fluffy. Mind you, she tried very hard. Then as every story has a twist, this one didn't! It was pretty predictable. Sheep flaunted stuff and one by one lost respect of all the gangers... Now all fluffy and tired she decided to move on further. But Whatay, there the story tried to put a stop to itself but the sheep pushed back in.

So a classic case of Fata Poster aur Nikla Hero (or so called Hero). This is the part where the sheep tried, cried and decided.. Voluptuous is the way. Just like the Moto Moto dude in Madagascar two... she sang: I like em big, I like em chunky... those two adjectives btw were for the sheep itself. She is totally in love with herself now. She sings to herself, Now and Forever I will be your SheepMan.

So Sheep Sheep Sheep... If you haven't already started dreaming about the Sheep... and have become dewy (euphemistic alternative for another word)... Say hello to the day that makes no sense at all...

Sherry may or may not make merry.. but have you ever tried either?

Btw the sheep can outrun any runner... even if it is Rajnikanth!

PS: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


shreyas51283 said...

dude! this is brilliant!grato

Nik said...

WTF !!!!!! hahaaha Sheepish... now one more estory abt DUCKS !!!