Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Might... Maybe and Not!

The hardest thing in life is letting go of what you thought was real. -Unknown

But then, how do you define reality? Perception? Illusion? Even though perceptions can make you sad and illusions can make you happy or vice versa. Till yesterday the castle of feelings was strong. Today it has become a castle made of cards. The winds of time and the winds of change just pushed the cards and scatter them into memories.

But then does that stop us from standing at the cliff to jump into water? To feel the exhilaration for the time before you hit the water? Then the plunge into cold water that freezes the adrenalin in an ecstatic way? I am ready to unleash myself. Why? Just because the madness is peaceful, just because I don't want to inhibit myself. I am crossing the thin line from rationality to the little known place. The place where clarity speaks for itself. Where numbness is the surreal music that plays and where darkness is the light that shines and makes every feeling shine like reality.

But then, why all this stupid garbage talk? Why? Why can't I run away to you? Why can't I shake you up and tell you don't let go of our feelings, don't let go of the connection that we have. Don't say its past and you don't know where to go from here. Bury me away, but don't replace what we built. Keep me alive as I have cherished you. Every day, every moment. The senses... the perceptions... and the feelings... nothing can take it away. Let a snake charmer come, charm you away... but remember the concoction of our poisons... you know, as much or more than I know... nothing can take that away. No one can take that away.

But then was it real? Yes. Was it just an escape? No. It was something pure and true... in its simplest form. Why did it not last? Maybe it was not supposed to. Something as precious... got rusted. Who is to blame? Circumstances? No. Where do we go from here? Our own trails. What if our paths cross again? Haha... Hope you at least try to melt a stone that I might become then! Might... Maybe and Not!

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Manasi Dhanorkar said...

I don't know how you manage to do it each and every time. By some small thread I can relate to each and every post of yours! Absolutely lovely :D