Thursday, December 24, 2009


Probably abominable then talk and tire
Rowdy crowd and philanthropic abattoir

Random boredom and shuffling playlist
Crackpot jackpot and controlling changelist

Access in control and misfired workspace
Miraculous Hercules and a testing race

Simultaneous checkin and synchronous breach
Revisional metadata and an offline leech

Adapters characters and butterflies blush
Conflicting questions and crutch so rush

Track Bugs, Satan hugs and checkout
Wink, blink and sink to configure the pout

Manage a broken heart and the network traffic
Concurrent superficial mellowed iconic graphic

Wind chimes, open rhymes and information restricted
Feelings stealing run around steps abbreviated

Empty smile, sleepy eyes and sketching pencils fly
Blinkers, Blinders, The thing around the horses eye!

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