Thursday, December 24, 2009


Probably abominable then talk and tire
Rowdy crowd and philanthropic abattoir

Random boredom and shuffling playlist
Crackpot jackpot and controlling changelist

Access in control and misfired workspace
Miraculous Hercules and a testing race

Simultaneous checkin and synchronous breach
Revisional metadata and an offline leech

Adapters characters and butterflies blush
Conflicting questions and crutch so rush

Track Bugs, Satan hugs and checkout
Wink, blink and sink to configure the pout

Manage a broken heart and the network traffic
Concurrent superficial mellowed iconic graphic

Wind chimes, open rhymes and information restricted
Feelings stealing run around steps abbreviated

Empty smile, sleepy eyes and sketching pencils fly
Blinkers, Blinders, The thing around the horses eye!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Life and Lyrics!

Listening to Loud Pipes by Ratatat, thinking about the man with his museum of candles, the Man with his prison of windows, the Woman selling paan on the street, the Cat walking across the wall with its twin, the Wall with shards of glass on top... Ironic how all of this can be connected! What if the man breaks his window and puts the broken glass on the wall to prevent trespassing. Trespassing on the secret gardens? Ironic. Hunter becoming the hunted, and as The White Stripes say - The hunted became the huntress, The hunter became the prey....

It all comes back, round and round. The thoughts and kaleidoscopes. Kaleidoscopes of mirrors and broken glasses. Like memories and troubled feelings. Then the long drawn chase to search the antibiotic for insanity. To ultimately procure the elixir, to explicitly soothe the open wounds and bind the torn fibers that act as tourniquets.

Esoteric, to each its own! to each his own! Ownership rights and fights for individual rights! Tricky world, Complex Web. The spider is really a superb architect!

What about logic, rationality, normality? Then what about Questions, Feelings, What-Ifs?

Feel the electricity flow, light up the lamp and radiating darkness! As ironical as it may sound, eyes tend to do that! They see what they want to see, Juxtapose situations how they like to, solve a puzzle from any set of exclusive factual pieces.

And the Silence! the ever orchestral silence singing in chorus and the myriad conflicting emotions like every instrument in the colossal concert of life. Concert besides the flowing river! The river so tunneled by the banks, but eroding the bank in return...

Music and Memories, Songs and Sights, Instruments and Melodies... Life and Lyrics!