Friday, November 13, 2009


Songs are a big big part of our lives. Most of us have a 24/7 audio player running in our mind. We shuffle across songs that totally grip our mind and feelings. Sometimes they help us pull ourselves up, sometimes they help us vent our anger… sometimes just makes us laugh by describing the irony that we are in… Our lives presented to us in tricky words and beautiful music.

I keep discovering bands and music. The World is a big gold mine for music. But I must say that the 60, 70 and 80's music is the best. The bands were the pioneers and they will always remain evergreen. I would like to talk about songs that I discover, bands that I discover while hunting for some song or the other. I love hunting for music.

While hunting around found some bands like The Black Keys, Rascal Flatts, Devendra Banhart, Blue Cheer, and many more. These bands have made the most amazing music that I loved a lot and has become a part and parcel of my audio player. ☺ And these are apart from the bands that we hear about a lot.

So I will keep posting about these amazing songs and bands. For now let me talk about 5 songs:

1) Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes - Amazing rock song, it is an anthem. When you are down and need a boost, it's the Seven Nation Army that you have to listen to.

2) No Aphrodisiac by The Whitlams - Very melodic, touching and soothing song. The perfect song to listen to when you are drunk on memories. The lines, "There is no aphrodisiac like loneliness; truth, beauty and a picture of you" are the most amazing lines I have heard. Get me a easy chair, a glass of scotch and my player with this song on and what I have is the simplest time machine!

3) Brazen (Weep) by Skunk Anansie - This is a very complex song, at least the lyrics are. I don't want to quote from any sites that talk about the meaning of this song. It's a song to hear and explore. The voice, the depth and the meaning.

4) Peace of Mind by Blue Cheer - Psychedelic rock at its best. What a song by Blue Cheer! One of my all time favourites!

5) Joker and the Thief by WolfMother - A Classic. Am sure most of you would know this song. I discovered this a bit late, but better late than never. This is one song that is going to be with me forever.

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Manash said...

Absolute reckoner!
I've heard 'Seven Nation Army' and it is a band to be explored...I've got 3 albums of 'White Stripes'...It's time...are you ready, my little 'apple'?? ;)