Thursday, October 8, 2009

Voter's ID

So here goes the story.

My name was already there in the Voting List.... So I thought, easier for these folks at the Commission to send me the ID. But no, I had to go to get a photo done. Ok. I go for that and get it done! Nice and smooth procedure with a swanky laptop and a Web-camera. So after that I had nothing else to do but wait!

So I wait. After about 2-3 months the ID shows up at my place. After asking the generous lady, who came to drop the ID at my place, the reason for the field 'Father's Name' being printed as 'Other's Name', the answer was really dramatic. She said in a gentle tone, "You should be happy that your name and photograph match!". What more to say? Speechless! This being a National Voter ID, and there are chances that the data could be messed totally! So there is a disclaimer folks! Just like the chaotic democracy we live in, everything is chaotic and unorganized!

Ok coming to the other part, my birth date is printed as - XX/XX/1982. Wow the only part they could print was the year, and they print it wrong! What about XX/XX (dd/mm)? How can I use this as a Birth Proof? Damn! Why couldn't they add another X? I could have used it in pick up lines! (I guess I am being too hopeful :P) But then again, what if I am not allowed to vote because of the double XXs?

I guess the only thing I can do now is wait for my Unique ID! That sounds good! Another million forms to fill! Another hundred lines to join! Another set of frustrations to flow! But I guess all of this is a part of living in a chaotic developing democracy yeah?


Me said...
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Me said...

yeah Even M waiting for Mr Nandan to bring around some quality improvement in the Unique Identification code for each resident of India..
I mean look at the current status of our our voting patterns in India..we don't have loopholes in the process..we have processes in loopholes we create..and then we talk of infiltration and tightening the security forces et if security theft is of no concern...
About time...we go stronger on this Unique ID stuff which shouldn't fail
Technocrats..take over..and get the ball rolling!!!

Shilpa Ramesh Maiya said...

ha ha ha u were born on 'fulya fluya'

btw... according to them the voters id is ONLY an address...
in my case even that is wrong... i sent it back for correction and still haven't got it back...

the lady was right... u r lucky :)