Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guru Gyan!

K: arey baapre
R: kay?
oh my status again?
K: genocide alert,,
R: hehe... je ghadtay te innocently lihite
underline innocently thrice
K: thrice
aint that too less
R: nahi re... hyachya peksha jaasta nahi lihita yet... majboori ka doosra naam gandhiji hai :P
K: why gandhi?
why not R?
R: nahi nahi
R is never majboor...
K: oh how can it be like that
R: even if she has to be for some reason
K: R is R
R: she takes it on udhari basis from gandhiji
but never owns it
K: oh nice
khadi on rent is it
R: yeah.... selective alternatives....
in a free country
K: awesome
R: ;)
K: who said the country is free
there is no Free Lunch
R: my country is
talk about someone who's getting free lunch almost 80 % of the time
K: lol
thats being cut from my salary
that aint completely free
R: naah.... its like putting thngs on sale
K: totally
R: triple the price and then give a 10% discount
K: first increase the price...
R: so your salary is tripled
K: precisely put
R: then a meagre amount is cut
K: right right
tripled yeah
R: haha u must hate me for what i am saying
K: just like the triple underline in ur innocence right?
R: that's pure reality
innocence personified
K: there is nothing such as reality my friend
reality is just but percieved facts
which can be miscontrued on the way
R: facts nevertheless
plainly put as reality
in common man's terms
K: reality is just but percieved facts
which can be miscontrued on the way
R: i am a common man
K: that was the complete sentence
R: i got that
K: u talk about genocide
and still you are a common man
and still the country is free?
R: sab Maya hai
u'll have to go beyond illusions to understand the concept
K: now u are contradicting urself Oh Common Man
R: that's teh sad fate of common man....
no choice but to contradict oneself at every step
to survive
K: fantastic
Contradiction is a Common Mans Curse
could it be?
R: boon...
only opportunity where a common man can conveniently contradict himself to save his skin
so a BOON
K: but the very fact that he has to rely on Contradiction to Save his skin
R: tragic
but true
K: precise words
R: baas aata
bhaari zhala
K: Ok bye
R: ya
K: Peace
R: prevail for

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