Friday, August 28, 2009

Smart Burglars!

Well, burglars are catching up! Next time you put up a nice picture of you and your recently acquired LCD TV or Macbook air or anything fantastic on the networking sites... Big Burglars is watching you ;)

This piece of study is really alarming. Now Burglars are using Facebook, Twitter and other sites to track what you are up to and then plan something really nice! A nice surprise for you ;)

Well, putting pictures is not as alarming as this:
'An alarmingly high proportion of users are prepared to be 'friends' online with people they don't really know, this presents a serious risk to the security of people's home and contents," said the insurer.'

Am sure all these BB dudes have a nice shopping cart application on their PC's which they use liberally when they see your swanky new Gizmos and find that you are planning to take your dog to some nice sandy place.

So folks, be careful!

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