Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Been days since I wanted to write something about Shantaram. The book has been a revelation. With an amazing story line, awesome character sketches and very intriguing philosophical insights in the form of the perspectives of Lindsay (maybe based on the authors own personal accounts) and the magnetic personality of Kader Khan. The dialogues between these two characters are really fascinating.

The journey starts with Lindsay landing in Mumbai and the subsequent explorations throughout the multilayered society in Mumbai. His relations with amazing characters like Prabhaker, Abdulla Taheri, Didier Levy (one of my favorite character), Lisa Carter, Vikram Patel and others.

So from the Mumbai slums, the underworld, Leopolds, the Taj, the film fraternity, Enfield Bullets, Haaji Ali and other amazing places it takes one to Afghanistan…. For an interesting discussion with the author check out Spectrum from The Tribune where Harsh A. Desai talks to Gregory David Roberts and reviews his novel Shantaram

It is really a journey when one reads the book….
Definitely worth a read….

And am really waiting for the prequel… :)

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