Thursday, August 27, 2009

Of Beer bearers ;)

While looking for some information here and there.. (basically just lost in the Google Mayajaal ;)), I came across this amazing link which gives ten unusual uses of beer. Click here for the complete list.

Some of the uses I liked are:
Number 10 - Soak it in
Number 9 - Soothe an upset tummy
Number 5 - Fertilize your garden
Number 3 - Wash your hair (that means spray the beer whenever you can at a party... but first let the women know the benefits of beer on hair and skin ;) and of course after you drink it as much as you wanted to!)
NUMBER 1 - Barbeque Chicken (Beer and Chicken.... WOOW!)

Well I guess my next search is going to be the uses of Whisky and stuff... let's see how that goes... or maybe I can write one if I can think of some ;)

So here's a toast to C2H5OH!

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