Friday, August 28, 2009

Smart Burglars!

Well, burglars are catching up! Next time you put up a nice picture of you and your recently acquired LCD TV or Macbook air or anything fantastic on the networking sites... Big Burglars is watching you ;)

This piece of study is really alarming. Now Burglars are using Facebook, Twitter and other sites to track what you are up to and then plan something really nice! A nice surprise for you ;)

Well, putting pictures is not as alarming as this:
'An alarmingly high proportion of users are prepared to be 'friends' online with people they don't really know, this presents a serious risk to the security of people's home and contents," said the insurer.'

Am sure all these BB dudes have a nice shopping cart application on their PC's which they use liberally when they see your swanky new Gizmos and find that you are planning to take your dog to some nice sandy place.

So folks, be careful!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

19 days between Mumbai and Zurich!

"An average wage-earner in Zurich and New York can buy an iPod nano from an Apple store after nine hours of work. At the other end of the spectrum, workers in Mumbai need to work 20 nine-hour days, roughly the equivalent of one month's salary," the study said.

This is taken from the Reuters article (R) about World's Best Wages. What caught my eye is use of the iPod as a comparative parameter :).

An important factor one has to think about is the Indian perspective wherein people flock from all over the country in Mumbai just because it is known as a place where money flows. This brings forward the huge divide between the various India's we have in India. And Mumbai is a perfect place where most of these various Indians are located in the smallest possible place. BKC complex and the nearby Dharavi Slum nearby, the Bandra-Worli sealink and the nearby Worli seamen communities, the Swanky west as compared to the deteriorated east.... and the comparable patches in between and so on!

But one thing is common, almost everyone in Mumbai has a radio phone... and this is prominently seen in the locals where almost everyone is listening to something! Ah but what about the iPods?

Oh but we were talking about the iPod, or buying the iPod, or like me..... just dreaming.... when will I buy the nice iPod Classic and have all my stuff on it....

Of Beer bearers ;)

While looking for some information here and there.. (basically just lost in the Google Mayajaal ;)), I came across this amazing link which gives ten unusual uses of beer. Click here for the complete list.

Some of the uses I liked are:
Number 10 - Soak it in
Number 9 - Soothe an upset tummy
Number 5 - Fertilize your garden
Number 3 - Wash your hair (that means spray the beer whenever you can at a party... but first let the women know the benefits of beer on hair and skin ;) and of course after you drink it as much as you wanted to!)
NUMBER 1 - Barbeque Chicken (Beer and Chicken.... WOOW!)

Well I guess my next search is going to be the uses of Whisky and stuff... let's see how that goes... or maybe I can write one if I can think of some ;)

So here's a toast to C2H5OH!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Describing Love...

How would you describe Love?

WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get
WYSIWYN - What You See Is What You Need

Wonder what made me think of this!

Ayurvedic Medicine for Swine Flu - Wow!

Well, a simple search landed me on a page that told me a medicine comprising ‘cow milk, cow urine and cow dung’ is good. :P They further transcend the talk and mention ‘Cow Urine Concentrate’…

Now with all due respect, I know that Ayurveda is one of the most ancient and brilliant medicinal sciences. I believe in it for sure, but why not make it sound a bit better? We don’t want to make it sound that Ayurveda is all about cow byproducts, that too after it ruminates and ruminates over food. :)

Or maybe I just am getting too jaded at work :) I need some yeast byproduct... :)


Been days since I wanted to write something about Shantaram. The book has been a revelation. With an amazing story line, awesome character sketches and very intriguing philosophical insights in the form of the perspectives of Lindsay (maybe based on the authors own personal accounts) and the magnetic personality of Kader Khan. The dialogues between these two characters are really fascinating.

The journey starts with Lindsay landing in Mumbai and the subsequent explorations throughout the multilayered society in Mumbai. His relations with amazing characters like Prabhaker, Abdulla Taheri, Didier Levy (one of my favorite character), Lisa Carter, Vikram Patel and others.

So from the Mumbai slums, the underworld, Leopolds, the Taj, the film fraternity, Enfield Bullets, Haaji Ali and other amazing places it takes one to Afghanistan…. For an interesting discussion with the author check out Spectrum from The Tribune where Harsh A. Desai talks to Gregory David Roberts and reviews his novel Shantaram

It is really a journey when one reads the book….
Definitely worth a read….

And am really waiting for the prequel… :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A beautiful tale...

This poem 'A Puppet Story' is a blend of amazing array of words weaved with beautiful and touching emotions. Really one of the best poems i have known.... and so is the poet... :)

A prolific writer...

D.... amongst my favourite writer.... has penned this beautiful set - What are you? Am truly amazed with the grasp her words have.... keep writing D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ode to the Horde!

So folks n people who type n type
Work hard and eat fruits them ripe
When on weekends their cards they swipe
And ooh lala so fun o fun

10.30 they start to rise
Get in the cab to work so wise
With dreams n fun in their eyes
And ooh lala so fun o fun

Then go to the tapri and have a chai
3 the dudes and 1 or 2 the bai
On nicotine n caffeine high
And ooh lala so fun o fun

And weekend comes and drink the coke
You mix stuff n be happy blokes
N remove the masks and the cloaks
And ooh lala so fun o fun

And when I think of you pals
Best bros n lovely gals
Cant rhyme or write them memories
They are ooh lala so fun o fun