Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Coming back to the blog, when am truly short of words! Looking around for inspiration, found many, but i felt at a loss for words.. What with the little white cheeked bird perching happily on a branch and coming down the road fearlessly to peck on something fallen down... Then ahead through the old school lanes where memories fill all the vacuum and moments bring back the smiling faces... The houses along the road that remind me of the Mumbai life... The people rushing to work...

Then the beautiful brown moth on the office wall which i stopped to gaze and behold... such intense creatures these big brown moths with huge wings... lying still.... allowing you to engulf the mystery about them...All this... and i get lost in translation... the usual... feelings not flowing to the right words... feelings that might not be given justice when wording them…

The clouds but no rain.. the purple pink flowers fallen alongside the road... and the snapshots of the morning continue... with me back to being the sponge… absorbing all…

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Me said...

well said Kd..absorbent like a sponge..take in as life passes by..
filled to the brim and yet empty to the core..
which way does the axis swing..
which tune does the songbird sing..
What words would you say?
Which path b4 u lay...?
What would you choose?
what would you lose?
Nothing is ever gone Foreever..
Nowhere will it end in never..
one day the sponge will transform..
in it a Life, a whole new spawn.. ^~^