Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ahh Metallica is Back!

Am waiting for Metallica's New Album 'Death Magnetic'... The song from the 'The Day That Never Comes' is released on their website. And it surely has got me excited. The song reminds the Good Old Metallica from Load, Metallica and some Ride the Lightning days.

The album also features Unforgiven 3! Now that has got me excited more then ever! A sequel to one of my favourite songs.... WOW!

I happily tell people that i am born and brought up with Metallica.... and so are million others of my generation... This band formed in 1981... Now why should i write the history... its all there on wikipedia... But yes... Formed Just two years before i was born... And it has gripped the world.... and they are back with what they are good with!

Wow! Am eagerly waiting for the album!

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